Chief Executive Officer, Climate Action Systems (CAS)

As the CEO of Climate Action Systems (CAS), the non-profit organization behind the Planet app, Arshad Sayed leads a dedicated international team committed to accelerating impactful climate collaboration. With a passion for social innovation, Arshad led the strategy and development of the World Bank's health, education, social protection, infrastructure, and environmental projects in over 50 countries. He is widely recognized for his leadership in the globally recognized program, The Development Marketplace, featured in Harvard Business Review and the New York Times.

As a climate action leader, Arshad co-led Rio Tinto's first-ever corporate venture fund, investing in clean energy and green ventures, building partnerships with Amazon Climate Fund, HP Ventures, and Energy Impact Partners. He understands the urgency of climate action and works tirelessly to create a sustainable future for all.

Arshad's international experiences living in China, India, and Mongolia have given him a deep appreciation for the earth's diverse cultures and ecosystems. When he is not working towards a greener world, he enjoys cooking, golfing, and hiking with his dogs.